Cristiano Ronaldo – When Hard Work Meets Talent [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo – When Hard Work Meets Talent [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo, the name which in itself is an inspiration. A true legend in the world of football who practically worked himself out of nowhere to the heights of perfection nobody will catch up so early. The three time Ballon d’Or winner Portuguese national is the top goal scorer of the richest club in the world, Real Madrid. After bringing so much success at Old Trafford Cristiano Ronaldo has done the impossible at Real Madrid as well. No doubt with so much success, come the criticism and Cristiano Ronaldo has been the hot-topic for the blame game throughout his journey. Arrogant, selfish, egoistic and so many titles from the critics yet he is the most successful footballer in history. However he has got a whole lot of people as well who do adore him more than anything. As a person he might not be so much respected but as a professional he is a true inspiration.

From saving people by giving him hope to make the players better by being the role model, Cristiano Ronaldo is an academy in itself. One of the youngsters for whom the Portuguese is a true inspiration, is Celtic’ Nir Bitton. The player admits that he has watched Cristiano Ronaldo’s recently released movie many times to get inspiration.

“I watched the movie of Cristiano maybe four times.

“When you see this guy train so hard, he never tired, he never stopped. He was always hungry and wanting to be the best.

“He always wants to achieve another thing and that is the most important thing for any player.

“Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, they always want more – it’s like: ‘Okay, I scored 400, now I want 500 or 600.’ Messi has five Ballon d’Ors but I’m sure he wants more.

“If you think you’ve reached the top then that’s the worst thing. Do I have a six-pack too? Well, it’s not like Cristiano’s.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo – When Hard Work Meets Talent [Video]

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