Top 10 Sherlock Best Scenes

Top 10 Sherlock Best Scenes

The most awaited Television series in the history of mankind, this one really knows how to trick the mind. This show catapulted Benedict Cumberbatch, one of the hottest TV series actors, to cult status to the point that his name is synonymous with Sherlock. While the show is filled to the brim with awesome scenes, here we take a look some of the best ones in Top 10 Sherlock Best Scenes.

Top 10 Sherlock Best Scenes

Top 10 Sherlock Best Scenes list

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most loved characters of all time. He has seen a sudden surge in prominence in recent years due to the many movies and highest viewed TV series that are being based on him. Among all of these, BBC’s Sherlock is probably the most favorite variation of Sherlock Holmes.

10. Moriarty and Sherlock having Tea

Moriarty and Sherlock having Tea is among the best Sherlock moments

At number 10 in Sherlock Best Moments is Moriarty and Sherlock having tea. When talking about the last episode of season 2, most people only remember the famous leap. But this scene, prior to the leap where both Moriarty and Sherlock sit down and have tea is one of the best in the show. In this scene Moriarty stresses the fact that “You need me or you’re nothing. Because we are just alike, you and I. Except you’re boring”. The show also reveals the vulnerable side of Sherlock. Seeing Moriarty up close and personal and made Sherlock realized how deranged a person he is and that Moriarty might become successful against him.

9. Moriarty’s Reveal

Moriarty’s Reveal was one of the shocking Sherlock scenes

At number 9 is Moriarty’s Reveal. This was the cliffhanger for season 1. The entire first season consisted of various crimes each of which was apparently linked to Moriarty. In this tense face-off, we get to see the glimpse of Moriarty who will be the source of many headaches for Sherlock, one of the most popular TV series characters. This smooth dressed crazy villain is shown to be perfectly calm even when Sherlock is threatening his life. The show needed a good solid villain and the last episode of the first season delivered exactly that.

8. Bluebell

Bluebell was one of the wittiest sherlock scenes

At number 8 in Sherlock Best Scenes is Bluebell. The show itself revolves around the various strange cases that Sherlock receives all the time. While some of them are really interesting ones, he also gets mundane requests from time to time. This particular scene involves the request to find the pet rabbit named Bluebell. The letter and Benedict’s acting make this scene really funny. The letter goes as, “Dear Mr. Sherlock Holmes, I can’t find Bluebell anywhere. Please, please, please can you help? before Bluebell disappeared it turned luminous like a fairy according to little Kirsty, then the next morning Bluebell was gone! Hutch still locked, no sign of a forced entry.”

7. The Phone Call

The Phone Call was one of the most emotional Sherlock scenes

At number 7 in Sherlock Best Scenes is The Phone Call. One of the most favorite episodes of fans is the “The Reichenbach Falls”, where Sherlock supposedly dies. The show hits its emotional high point where Sherlock decides to take his own life in order to save the lives of his friends. The cinematography of the leap itself is amazing. But the part preceding to the leap, where Watson and Sherlock have a conversation over the phone really steals the show. The pure and raw emotions exuded by the actors was not only believable but made the audience realize the pain in that decision.

6. John and Sherlock meeting

John and Sherlock meeting was the most interesting scherlock scene

At number 6 is John and Sherlock meeting. This list would be incomplete without this particular scene, the one where it all started. The scene has Watson meeting Sherlock for the first the first time as a probable roommate. What follows is our first exposure to the crazy observation skill of Sherlock as he correctly predicts all most everything about Watson.

5. Defusing the Bomb

Defusing the Bomb was one of the funniest sherlock scenes

At number 5 in Sherlock Best Scenes is Defusing the Bomb. Season 3 is probably the favorite season of most people. This makes the wait for season 4 even harder. Season 3 had one edge of the seat moment after another and we had to nails to chew due to nervousness by the time the season was over. This particular scene from Season 3’s 1st episode is heartfelt, thrilling and funny at the same time. As both Sherlock and Watson were trapped in a train with a bomb which they couldn’t defuse, Watson makes a heartfelt speech to his pal. Little does he know that the bomb doesn’t go off because Sherlock has already taken care of it. The look on Watson’s face as the bomb doesn’t go off is priceless.

4. Let’s Play Murder

Let’s Play Murder was one of the sherlock's best scene

At number 4 in Sherlock Best Scenes list is Let’s Play a Game. This gem of a scene comes in the 2nd episode of the 3rd season. Each and every episode of Sherlock is a treat to watch but this one is really special because here Sherlock solves three cases. Also, the episode ends with a thrilling finale where all those prior isolated unsolved cases are revealed to be connected. There are many standout scenes from this particular episode, one of which features later in the list. But in this one, as Sherlock tries to figure out the true motive of the killer, he approaches to the guests present in Watson’s weeding to come along with him and play a game. As Sherlock goes around the guests trying to find the killer, a visibly agitated Watson yells, “This is my goddamn wedding”.

3. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the fan favourite sherlock scenes

At number 3 in Sherlock Best Scenes is Buckingham Palace. One of the best things about the show apart from the edge of the seat suspense are the light sherlock moments. This particular scene is quite a favorite among Sherlock fans and still brings a smile upon reminiscing. In the scene, Sherlock is brought to the Palace forcefully in order to undertake a mission of utmost importance. So in the end Sherlock ends up being dragged to the palace in nothing but a bed sheet wrapped around him.

2. Sherlock’s Mind Palace

Sherlock’s Mind Palace was one of the greatest sherlock scenes

At number 2 in Sherlock Best Scenes is Sherlock’s Mind Palace. You know a scene when it is the high point of an episode and the actor ends up with an Emmy Award for that episode. The Mind Palace scene in Episode 3 of Season 3 is one such case. Everything about this scene was exceptional and really had everyone of us on the edge of our seats. The special effects and cinematography were on a whole another level while Benedict’s acting in this particular scene is just amazing. No wonder that the show likes to visit the mind palace often.

1. The Best Man Speech

The Best Man Speech is among the all time favourite sherlock scenes

At number 1 in Sherlock Best Scenes is The Best Man Speech. This fan favourite Sherlock scene came in Episode 2 of Season 3 and it’s hands down the best one in the entire series. The scene shows the wedding of John and how even during the best man speech which should be all about the groom, Sherlock with his narcissistic tendency makes it all about himself. But despite how it begins, the speech ends up being a love letter to his best friend we can’t help but become misty eyed. Though the show is a detective show, this particular scene shows the human side of the sociopathic genius which is Sherlock.

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