Top 10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires In The World

Top 10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires In The World

In the article ”Top 10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires In The World ” we are going to explore ten of the teenagers who made them millionaires. There can be many who are millionaires by birth but it is more good to be a rich person by self. See below the most inspirational stories of these youngest richest persons.

Top 10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires In The World

10. Jordan Maron AKA Captain Sparklez

Jordan Maron is one in every of the lucky few who took a hobby and turned it into a multi-million dollar supply of financial gain.
Jordan Maron could be a celebrated YouTuber who goes by the name Captain Sparklez. His Captain Sparklez YouTube channel launched once he was simply eighteen years recent and his original YouTube channel ProsDontTalkSh** launched even before then. Maron had already partnered with’s media streaming web site and multi-channel network.
Jordan wont to principally post videos relating the decision of Duty games, however didn’t come out till he launched the CaptainSparklez channel, wherever he became renowned for his Minecraft play videos and song parodies. To date, he’s one in every of the foremost profitable stars of YouTube, with various subscribers, billions of views, and a value of $8.2 million.

09. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick may be a self-taught applied scientist that set out his education on the topic with a replica of C for Dummies and How-To videos on the web. Once he became skilled with programming, Nick launched his initial app once he was solely twelve years recent, and from there developed a brand new app whenever that college would unchained for summer. Eventually he developed an app known as Trimit once he was solely fifteen, which might condense long articles into short summaries starting from one thousand to one hundred forty characters. A port wealthy person saw the potential and gave Nick $300,000 in risk capital to excellent the app. This re-working would prolong to be known as Summly, an app that Yahoo! paid $30 million for. additionally, Nick was conjointly given a footing within the company.

08. Fraser Doherty

Fraser arranged the groundwork for his $1.2 million dollar SuperJam company by marketing his Grandmother’s jam recipes at farmer’s markets and delis. As time went on, Fraser place his own tweaks on the recipes and even developed ways that to form jam entirely from fruit. Word began to unfold around Scotland and Fraser eventually affected a affect the Waitrose market chain to sell his jam through 184 of their stores. The exposure eventually grew into a a pair of,000 store market, and spanned to alternative countries yet. The SuperJam name has even gained standing from the National deposit of Scotland as an “Iconic Scottish complete.”

Doherty has taken his business additional and has conjointly discharged a SuperJam reference book.

07. Ashley Qualls

When she was solely fourteen, Ashley Qualls began teaching herself markup language and determined to launch a website known as to showcase her style work for interested consumers. At the time, the positioning didn’t get abundant in the least within the approach of traffic. The following year, Ashley began giving her services to classmates that needed a lot of personalised layouts for his or her MySpace and social networking pages. As traffic grew from spoken advertising, Ashley joined Google Adsense and took a cut of the advertising revenue. As traffic began to grow still, she started creating deals directly for folks to advertise their merchandise on her website.

06. Cameron Johnson

It appeared like Johnson had continuously had a endowment for business. once he was simply five years recent he would go door-to-door marketing vegetables. At the age of nine he had already started his own card company known as Cheers and Tears. At 12, he began shopping for and marketing skullcap Babies at the peak of their quality. After the skullcap Baby business stalled, Cameron took $50,000 he had earned and began My EZ Mail, a confidential e-mail forwarding service. Finally, he started a web advertising venture known as By 15, Johnson was creating nearly $400K a month.

By college, Johnson had started another website known as, that he later sold-out during a six-figure deal.

05. Jon Koon

Jon Koon created his initial billion by thirty, however it ought to be noted that his initial million was created before he was sixteen. At a awfully young age, Koon had opened Extreme Performance Motorsports, an after-market automobile components store. the shop eventually became a house-hold name when the MTV program Pimp My Ride began victimisation Koon’s business because the exclusive components supplier. Once in faculty, Koon expanded his business into overseas producing, that distributes to over twenty countries.

Eventually, Koon emotional on to dealing in clothes, and runs 8732 attire with partner Young Jeezy.

04. Robert Nay

Robert negative may be a little bit of a prodigy. At 14, negative had no secret writing expertise. negative was a self-taught code author that learned the old style way: at the library. In one month, negative already had four,000 lines of code written for his game Bubble Ball. Once finished, negative place the app on-line for gratis with Apple. In fortnight the sport had over 1,000,000 downloads and Bubble Ball would eventually disinvest the insanely common Angry Birds because the most downloaded game within the free app store.

Over one 2 week amount, the sport would earn Robert nearly $2 million in financial gain.

03. Adam Hildreth

When Hildreth was simply fourteen years recent, he found out Dubit restricted, a social networking website for teens that at only once was one in every of the most important young social networking sites within the United Kingdom. it’s evolved since then, and currently advises firms on a way to market their merchandise for teenagers. Moving forward, Hildreth determined to continue that specialize in youth and developed Crisp Thinking, an organization dedicated to developing technology to guard kids on-line. At one purpose, Hildreth was one in every of the twenty richest teenagers within the United Kingdom.

02. Sean Belnick

When Sean Belnick was simply fourteen years recent he endowed $500 into his own business venture known as The initial $500 was created by mowing lawns and marketing his Pokemon cards. Belnick had stayed listening of his stepfather’s business marketing piece of furniture. With the web simply getting down to become a fixture in each family and business, Belnick detected what proportion cash folks may save if they cut out the center man and sell directly on-line. By sixteen years recent, Belnick was a wealthy person. Today, bizchair has adult therefore massive that it’s a seventy acre headquarters in Georgia.

01. Chris Phillips

In 2002, Phillips detected the {web|the net} was turning into “a thing” and saw that there can be a growing demand for web hosting. At the age of seventeen, Phillips created dot5hosting and at intervals 2 years he had already earned over 1,000,000 bucks. Over the years, the business has adult aboard the web and includes several alternative services a business may got to gain an internet presence within the present.

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