Top 10 Pokemon Female Characters – Ultimate Ranking

Top 10 Pokemon Female Characters – Ultimate Ranking

Admit it. You’ve watched, played and maybe even collected some super Pokemon cards. It’s cool. Many did likewise. A major reason why the anime became a phenomenal success, was the awesome Pokemon female characters that were a part of the show. And that’s not all. The girls of Pokemon had a personality and were not just dumb bimbos. That’s what made them more desirable They trained Ash and gang on how things are done. To many addicts of this hugely successful video game franchise, it’s a hot chick heaven that’s lined up with so many great characters. We have had popular cartoon characters in the past, but nothing probably came as close to this one.

Top Pokemon Female Characters

Here are 10 girls among all the Pokemon characters that make the series immensely watchable.

10. Bianca

The one who uses a Musharna and loves Cheren. Why, it’s Bianca of course. She looks less a hottie and more of a cutie, compared to many of the younger female Pokemon characters. None can deny that she’s pleasantly attractive. Two important features about Bianca were that she was supposedly the champion, and was also the last time you’re likely to have seen someone wearing a green hat; not certainly any other game character. Wish all blondes were like Bianca. But once again, she’s lovely. The only problem is when you make her sad and she starts to cry.

9. Jessie

Yes. You heard right. While people prefer to vote only for the good girls, the bad ones often steal the show. That happens in films as well. For one, Jessie’s fighting skills is equal to that of Youngster Joey, the Pokemon girl trainer. Jessie also happens to be one of the strongest and fittest members of the trio. Wonder why she is no leader. Like Meowth and James, her most important skill is to steal pokemons from Team Rocket, the criminal organization with headquarters at the Kanto region. Jessie has flowing purple hair. She can knock your socks, if only you could see her in some Seviper costume.

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8. Flannery

A crowd favorite among all Pokemon fans. And you really can’t blame them. She’s is blowing hot. She has mastered the fire type and can leave a burnt mark on your pants if you dare to take her on in a gym battle. She lives in a town that has a hot spring close to a volcano. That could be another reason why she uses the fire type. She is also one of the hottest Pokemon female characters around. If you ever want to hang around with Flannery, make sure to do that near the hot springs.

7. Serena

You heard right. Serena it is; the one word to use fire-type Pokemon. Want some of that power? Well, I mean Serena could be in a room full of creeping bugs and you don’t need to worry. Besides, Serena’s honey colored hair makes her look yummy and edible.  Ash Ketchum is her love interest and the two make a highly reliable couple. But it’s her attitude which makes Serena different from all the other Pokemon female characters.

6. Hilda

The femme fatale. And you know what I’m talking about when she seductively repairs a motorbike. She is one that can train Pokemon well and uses a powerful Reshiram. Instead of one, Hilda has two shipping partners, Hilbert and N. A favorite among Pokémon Go crazed celebrities, Hilda has only two interests, boys and gym badges. Maybe not in that order. She wears micro-sized shorts that up her hot quotient.  Her morality is doubted by many. What a price to pay.  Who won’t like to wear as little clothes as possible? Can’t deny, she looks nice in them. No wonder she’s one of the greatest Pokemon female characters of all times.

5. Iris

She’s a wonderful character. A whizz of fresh air after two regions with contests. Yes, she’s sometimes annoying of all the Pokemon female characters because of her “What a kid” swearing. Blame the writers, it’s not her fault, when they restarted the season. Iris comes as an adventurous and a sweet girl. She has many similarities with Ash and that makes them fast friends. She teases him but cares and cheers for him as much. Unlike Misty who slaps Ash, Iris calls him a kid.  But she’s one of the more mysterious Pokemon game characters as nothing much is known of her.

4. May

The right mix of a girl and tomboy. She’s cool but not the cute or the super-tomboy type.  She has a great team of both cute and badass Pokemon and the best set of rivals. Other characters lack her lustre. She’s a complete package and avoids being a walking stereotype like Serena. Wears cool outfits and is loveable.  May caught and raised two of the coolest Pokemon main characters Blaizken and Venasuar, won over a dozen ribbons and came runners-up in the Wallace Cup. May’s fans consider her much better than both Serena and Iris.

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3. Sabrina

She’s both scary and awesome, and one gym leader you won’t want to mess with. That’s if you’ve seen the first few episodes of the anime series. She has mastered the psychic type and could also be one since it fits her personality. Sabrina was originally designed to be very pretty for Generations 1 and 3. She turned prettier when Generation 4 was released. Try some Pokemon Go hacks to unleash a killer version of this no-nonsense gym leader. But don’t hang around with her too much. Things may get out of control and messy.

2. Dawn

I know many of you loath her. But isn’t she amazingly beautiful with that lovely hair and blue eyes? They perfectly match her pink looks. Of all Pokemon characters, she’s one of the best looking. It’s surprising Brock never tried courting her. Dawn often becomes overly conscious of how she looks, particularly her hair. She sometimes appears natural but is often too much of the beauty and takes hours to look like one. And that’s annoying to some. But she’s pretty and made to our list at number two. She’s definitely one of the prettiest Pokemon female characters to replace Mendy.

1. Misty

One, two, button my shoe. Misty, a Kanto gym leader, tops our list. She’s like a mother to Togepi in the game. A perfect love interest, Misty dates a man who runs away from her. She really stands apart from the line of Pokemon female characters. It’s not because she became the love interest of Ash, or that she looks tight in the trainer avatar. It’s because in SoulSilver and HeartGold, she grew longish hair and used Jellicent in Pokemon World Tournament. That made Misty look like a queen among all the Pokemon characters.

Pretty, smart, and tough. The Pokemon female characters are all beauty and brains. Oh yes, they are tough as hell too. The girls can range from being sweet and nice to uncompromising and fierce. It sometimes gets too close for comfort. But they are all amazing and none can deny that. Let us know about your favorite Pokemon female characters in the comment box below and don’t forget to like us on the social media handles.

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