Never Give Up – Cristiano Ronaldo – Everyone Makes Mistakes [Video]

Never Give Up – Cristiano Ronaldo – Everyone Makes Mistakes [Video]

Real Madrid had the chance to narrow down the gap between them and Liga toppers after Barcelona was held back this Saturday however the Whites have failed to do so. The Rafa Benitez side lost the away game against Villarreal giving an early lead to the opponents and trying to equalize the rest of the time. Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema could not pot in the ball despite giving their best. Gareth Bale on the other hand kept producing amazing chances from the wing but Real Madrid fall short to what was expected to be a league changing game. Los Blanocs are still five points behind Barcelona and Atletico Madrid jointly.

After 15 games in the competition Real Madrid have collected just 30 points, their worst ever performance since 2008-09. Real Madrid have won 9 games drawn three and lost three as well. In 2008-09 however the scenario was even worse with having lost five games at this stage.

Paco Gonzalez has directly accused the players of Real Madrid in the first half so bad they have done against Villarreal because the same have been able to make a good second half.

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“In the second part of the match BBC were the same that were held back in first. When their attitude and enthusiasm and come together and run … is the day that Benitez has less guilt. It has been shown that regardless of tactics and alignment, when there are eleven guys who want you out the second part, when they hope, will leave first”. Said the journalist.

Cristiano Ronaldo who was much anticipated to score keeping in view his past record against the opponents also had a disappointing night. The Portuguese is also having his worst ever season after failing to score in 9 of 15 games played. At this stage in last season Cristiano Ronaldo had a blasting 26 goals but today he just has 10, a real worry for the striker who is already under criticism for his attitude with team and the manager.

Never Give Up – Cristiano Ronaldo – Everyone Makes Mistakes [Video]

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