10 Best iPhone 7 Features To Look Out For

10 Best iPhone 7 Features To Look Out For

With recent announcements of iPhone 7 release date 2016, the whole world is waiting for this amazing piece of technological wonder to come to the market. And as it does, we list some of the best iPhone 7 features. In spite of their features, iPhones are notorious for their repetition in model and specifications and of course their high cost. This often leads to a competition regarding apple vs android platform.

10 Best iPhone 7 Features To Look Out For – The Ultimate Guide

Not only android but sometimes the debate escalates quickly to cortana vs siri. But the newest iPhone 7 has almost everything upgraded. This version is the answer to all of them. The Shipping starts with 28 countries, including the US, on September 16. Until it is here, let’s checkout the iPhone 7 feature and price. Here are some of the best iPhone 7 features to look out for. Let’s Have a look. Shall we?

10. Longer battery life with greater battery capacity

The only thing a smartphone is not known for is it’s horrible battery life. This one of the apple iPhone 7 features boasts to have greater battery backup than any of it’s previous versions. Reports say ‘the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have the best battery life of any iPhone – and so they should. It reckons those upgrading from the iPhone 6S can expect on average, an additional two hours from each charge’. Apple also quotes “40 hours of wireless audio playback and 13 hours of wireless audio”. This is just one of the Best iPhone 7 Features.

9. Stereo speakers and wireless headphones

iPhone 7 will come with a pair of wireless headphones which are obviously better than the Ear Pods. Apple has created a whole new standard for wireless audio. The wireless headphones are named Air pods (available for extra cost), which look as if they are straight from a sci-fi movie. There’s two standalone ear pods, each controlled with touch-sensitive controls. Basically, they’ll work with your iPhone and Apple Watch. They come in a wireless charging case too. Apart from having efficiency in the sonic area, these air pods look stunning too! This one is amongst the coolest features of the iPhone.

8. 7 Megapixel Front Camera

Anyone up for a selfie? This one is  really a big improvement and is one of the best iPhone 7 features and benefits given that the previous version or so-called 6S had only 5 megapixels with auto image stabilization which was not optical. With a 7 megapixel front camera, the selfie game of this iPhone is going to be on point. This is one of the best camera upgrades apple has made yet and it already sounds fantastic.

7. 12 Megapixel rear camera with larger sensor

The front camera is upgraded, so why won’t the rear camera be? With an astonishing 12 megapixel camera, this iPhone tops it all. The image quality of an iPhone has always been pretty good. Apple has also released some of the ‘untouched’ photos that were clicked using iPhone 7. If the images are really untouched, this is a big improvement among the new features of Apple iPhone 7.

6. Water Resistant

Ever dropped your expensive iPhone into a pool of water and freaked out? Well, not anymore. The days of freaking out for a phone are gone and forgotten. According to IP67 waterproofing standard, this new iPhone 7 is totally waterproof. In fact, this is the first iPhone to be waterproof. This one is among confirmed iPhone 7 features. Apple has already mad ‘swim’ apple watches, so why not the phone…right ? Not only is it waterproof but it is said to be dustproof too. So, you see…the iPhone 7 is not only full of cool features but it is self-protective as well. This is one of the Best iPhone 7 Features.

5. Pressure Sensitive Home Button – Completely Customizable

At number 5 of Best iPhone 7 Features, the deal is that the button itself won’t physically move anymore, but the button is still there, and you’ll get the same sensation of a click. It also opens the door to all sorts of new UI tricks and iOS hidden features. It also comes with wireless charging facility. Now, how cool is that?

4. Two Cameras for DSLR-like Photos

The version will have a second 56 mm telephoto lens on the back. As rumored, there’re two lenses on the 7 Plus, a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens. By combining images from both cameras, Apple has created a new kind of zoom, not a conventional optical zoom, or the traditional digital zoom. But a new kind of zoom which will be a big help for professional photographers across and is the best one of iPhone 7 camera features. The two cameras in the 7 Plus will be used to create a shallow depth-of-field to replicate the results you get with expensive DSLR cameras. Do you really need anything else  from the camera features on this one ?

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3. The Stunning Design

Next on iPhone features list, There is a new texture/color which has been introduced in this current iPhone model. The new iPhone 7 will be available in these colors- glossy jet black, black, silver, gold, rose gold with a high gloss black finish on anodized metal. The sleek design is optimal for gamers who fancy iOS games. There’s a new color called Jet Black, a high-gloss aluminum body with a stainless steel Apple logo. The matte version of this glossy one is called simple ‘black’. This is one of the most fascinating Top 10 iPhone 7 features to look out for .

2. Hidden Antenna

Those white strips running across the last two generation of iPhones may not be part of the future model. Apple has patented the method. The granted patent talks about an invention describing an electronic device antenna which can be formed on a sapphire structure and method included for the same. The device is built in such a way that the antenna can be kept enclosed to the device’s body which in turn leaves more free storage within the device’s shell. This has allowed the company to include a bigger and better battery as mentioned in point 10 of Best iPhone 7 Features.

1. 4x Better Image Than With Digital Zoom

With Four-core, 64-bit A10 Fusion processor and iOS 10 operating system, at number 1 of Best iPhone 7 Features, The New iPhone 7 boasts of having 4 times better zooming capability, which means HD pictures can be captured using a mere phone. The zoom is said to be far better than mere digital zoom. It is said to have amazing picture quality and might also be able to replace DSLR images.

So, as we can see…although there are no major tweaks in the design of this one, this recent version of iPhone is not the same wine in a bigger bottle. It is upgraded to a superior level and has everything one can ask for in a smartphone in terms of design and functionality. The pre-orders start from September 9 even though iPhone 7 release date September 2016 is on 16th. People who are freaking out by the specs must know that the device comes for a price. And that price is starting at $649 (£539, AU$1,079)  as the options are 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

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