10 Best iOS 10 Features

10 Best iOS 10 Features

While iOS 10 is yet to be released, it is already creating a lot of buzz among the Apple fans as the successive beta versions of the new operating system are hinting to what is the first major overhaul of the entire Apple operating system in a long time. With the release date nearing in, we have prepared a list of Best iOS 10 Features.

The top 10 List of Best iOS 10 Features

10 Best iOS 10 Features

Apple has had the edge over the competition because of their great iOS platform and it’s great user interface, with iOS 10 they are looking to up the game and if the beta version are any indication, no wonder all the Apple users are asking the same question, “Is iOS 10 available yet?”. Here we countdown the very best Features of Apple’s latest operating system in 10 Best iOS 10 Features.

10. Photo Management

Photo management is one of the best among iOS 10 feature list

At number 10 is Photo Management. The amount of photos clicked by a Smartphone user has increased a lot over the couple of years thanks to social networking sites and thus arises the need for Photo Management and Apple has implemented some iOS 10 Tricks and this is one of them. The ability to divide the photo albums into people and places is a welcome change. iOS 10 can scan through the album and find where a photo was taken which can also be accessed using Maps. It also has facial recognition so you can explicitly look for photos of yourself, family or friends in your gallery. So after this update, Apple users will have a slight advantage in the never-ending debate between iOS vs Android.

9. Rich Notification Screen

Notification rich screen is among the best apple iOS 10 features

At number 9 is Better Notification Screen. You might think what you can improve on a notification screen as all it does is to give you all the notifications but trust Apple to change something so minor to something really convenient as now with the rich notification screen you can access a wide range of  activities and navigate through hidden iOS 10 features. One can reply messages, see who commented on your photos along with the picture to remind you and all this without even unlocking the phone. While some users might want to disable this for privacy reasons but no one can argue against the fact that this is really convenient.

8. Home Apps

The new Home app is one of the best iOS 10 iPad features

At number 8 is Home Apps. To the question “What is iOS 10?”, the Apple’s tagline is Big, Bold and Beautiful and that is completely justified with this new feature that is sure to usher in a new era of home appliances. It has been a pipeline dream for long, the ability to control the appliances in your home with nothing but your phone and this will finally see some real world implementation with the new Home Apps which lets you control your Homekit devices whether you are at your home or outside. Also you can use Siri to just talk your appliances into doing the things for you bringing in a new age of futuristic homes. And this app, without any doubt, will work like a charm with one of the best iPhone 7 features – The pressure sensitive home button.

7. Lock Screen Widgets

Widgets management is one of the best iOS 10 hidden features

At number 7 is Lock Screen Widgets. Everyone likes having all the relevant information displayed to them as soon as they open their home screens and so widgets have become so popular on devices like computer, tablets and phones. iOS 10 lets its user to add any of the iOS 10 Widgets like calendar events, remainders, Apple Music Playlist, weather forecast, battery life, activity trackers, etc. On an iPad which has a bigger screen and thus more room for widgets, this will be among the most useful iOS 10 iPad features.

6. Raise to Wake

Raise to wake feature is among the top 10 best ios 10 features

At number 6 is Raise to Wake feature. Among the many others on the iOS 10 feature list this particular Apple iOS 10 Feature might seem minor on paper, the change in brings about in user experience is drastic. With this we no longer have to open the lock screen to view the notification as the phone automatically wakes up and shows what’s on the screen as soon as we pick up the phone.

5. Upgraded Siri

New siri upgrade is the best one among apple ios 10 update

At number 5 is Upgraded Siri. The personal virtual assistant on Apple just got more personal with the feature for third-party app implementation. There has been a constant debate about siri vs cortana, and Siri is hands down the best virtual assistant in the market right now and with it being open to developers and allowing third party integration, it has become even more interesting. The thing you can do with Siri are virtually endless with the ability to book an OLA Cab, make reservation in a new restaurant near you and more just by speaking and not opening a single app.

4. Upgraded Apple Maps

Upgraded Apple maps are among the list of best iOS 10 Features

At number 4 in is Upgraded Apple Maps. Apple Maps have traditionally been the black sheep of the otherwise stellar app ecosystem of iOS drawing a lot of criticism over the years but finally in iOS 10 it seems to be done right with the Upgraded Apple Maps easily being among the Best iOS 10 Features. Not only does it provide ample information about the destination but also finds you detours that very few people know about. Add to that features like searching along the route for gas stations or rest rooms and the fact that we can book hotel and restaurant reservations on the Map app itself and you have a stellar app to give Google Maps a tough time.

3. Upgraded Apple Music

Upgraded apple music interface is among the best iOS 10 features

At number 3 in our list of best iOS 10 features is the Upgraded Apple Music. Apple Music has redefined the way people listen to music. And has also been monumental in bringing about legal streaming of music so when we got to know about Apple iOS 10 update, it was no surprise to see them updating their ever popular music app. While there was not much to improve upon the already stellar app. And on first look it might feel the same but dig deeper and you will see it’s improvements from the For You Playlists, browse tab and added lyrics for the popular songs. Apple is trying to go the extra mile in pleasing it’s 10 million strong base of subscribers of the Apple Music App with cleaner designing and a more intelligent music suggesting mechanic.

2. Removing Bloatware

Removable apps constitute the Apple iOS 10 Features

At number 2 in our list of best iOS 10 features is Removing Bloatware. Bloatware is often referred to the pre-installed apps and iOS games that come with our laptops and smartphones. Usually you these apps are next to useless and the first thing anyone does after booting their devices is to delete these. Apple devices come with many pre-installed apps most of which couldn’t be removed. While they are useful but there are many apps with better alternatives and for power users who want everything under their control might not be pleased.

1. Upgraded Messaging App

iMessage upgrade is among the very best iOS 10 Features

At number 1 in our list of best iOS 10 features is the Upgraded Messaging App. Who could have thought that Apple would take its stock messenger and make it go out of control? Just writing about what you can do with the new Messaging App demands an article on its own. Considering the fact that there is a separate app store within the Messaging app to let you use gifs, stickers and third-party app features which is one of the most amazing features of iOS 10.

From making reservations to hail cars, message app can do it all. Because why leave the messenger when you can do all that from just here. Also did we mention that you can send messages using invisible ink. The ink that makes the message appear only when you rub your finger on it. The fireworks that fallout from the message screen and the ability to replace any word with an emoji are just cherry on top.

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