Top 10 Dangerous Drugs In The World – Injurious Drugs

Top 10 Dangerous Drugs In The World – Injurious Drugs

Drugs are the things which are more common in modern days than before. People take them as fashion and some of them are used in parties and marriages as well. This is a wonderful concept that we all know that drugs are injurious to health but still we use these drugs. Even a person who uses these drugs also knows that it is not good for his health but he takes in spite of all knowing. Here we have ten of the most common and dangerous drugs of modern age. Unfortunately some of these are not prohibited in many countries. Have look on most dangerous drugs which are really injurious for health even result in form of death sometimes.

Top 10 Dangerous Drugs In The World – Injurious Drugs

10. MDMA

It is commonly referred to as ecstasy. MDMA is apparently not a very harmful drug to a certain point. It is illegal in many countries and its long time use can severely affect the central nervous system in human body. It is one of the most common party drugs that increases the feeling of intimacy and induces a sense of euphoria. Its overdose can be disastrous, especially when combined with alcohol. So be aware of its side-effects and take care while using it.

09. Ketamine

Ketamine comes next on the list of most harmful and injurious drugs in the world. It is linked with inducing paranoia even if consumed over short time periods. Hallucinations are a common phenomenon associated with this drugs. It is also a very harmful drug but is still used by people around the world.

08. Marijuana

Marijuana comes next in the list, it is mostly a recreational drug. Though it does figure in this list, marijuana isn’t seen as being comparable to other drugs on the list. However, it does figure in the list, because its long term use can lead to depression and anxiety.

07. Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most popular party drugs. Cocaine also falls in the list of most dangerous drugs. It is also one of the most used and addicted drugs in the world. It releases massive quantities of dopamine, a feel good chemical released by the brain. Withdrawal effects can be hard to take. The body, apart from reacting mentally but also it reacts physically on withdrawal. It is very dangerous infect.

06. Alcohol


It is one of the most used drugs in the world. It does not only effect physically on human body but also become a cause of death sometimes. Many cases are recorded in the world in which people lost their lives in accidents when they were driving after drinking this dangerous drugs.

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05. Crystal Meth

The drug has massively gained quality when the popular TV series Breaking bad. Crystal meth has wide travel effects that severely have an effect on the brain’s functioning. If used oftentimes, hallucinations, blackout and alternative effects follow. Moreover, withdrawal effects are quite severe too.

04. Tobacco

Tobacco is that the deadliest drug within the world as way as variety of deaths worries. it’s worse than marijuana and different recreational medicine. It additionally happens to be one in every of the largest sources of presidency revenue for several countries- most likely why it hasn’t been made banned yet. It is used more than all others in the list.

03. Heroin

Known as the queen of all medication, opiate is that the most harmful drug within the world. the quantity of monoamine neurotransmitter discharged within the brain whereas on opiate is a few hundred times quite the quantity discharged throughout an orgasm. Lighter medication like speed is run to cut back the withdrawal effects from opiate. several cases of death once on withdrawal are report able. If used for long periods, the results on the brain are irreversible.

02. LSD

A powerful psychoactive drug, LSD, short for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. It is that the most powerful psychoactive drug. Prolonged use will cause severe and irreversible psychosis. The drug induces hallucinations and delusions. An psychedelic drug trip lasts for nearly twelve hours.

01. Speedball

This deadly combination of diacetylmorphine and hard drug takes you to a replacement dimension altogether. heroin addicts who cannot get enough of heroin usually like the speedball. Death from a speedball dose is not an uncommon thing. It is really dangerous drug for human health.

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