Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps

We’ve all been secretly jealous of Robert Downey Jr.’s  “J. A. R. V. I. S. Well the technology is not so developed that we can have a “Jarvis” but these 10 apps would bring you close to being Tony Stark.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps

10.  Ever friends

Short of friends in your life? Well Spoony, Brainy, Marry and Mei are here to help. It also offers some preset answers to chose from but hardy understands anything that is not in its database.

9. Easy launcher

A launcher for Android. It can open websites and apps on voice commands and  also can open settings and can switch on or off networks like Bluetooth, WiFi etc.

8. Evi

It will listen to your questions and give smart answers. Evi has multiple knowledge sources and would chose the best answer to give to you. It can also convert units and currencies when commanded.

7.  Iris

It is one of the oldest voice apps built for Android. It has a very simple UI. Iris is the low level anagram of siri and is very easy to use.

6. Speaktoit

A personal assistant which is very similar to Siri. It can do every little thing that a personal assistant does and features great calander and task handling. It also has a translator feature

5. Skyvi

At number 5 of Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps, A very clever UI, Skyvi can understand you and give clever responses. It can be activated by voice (say “hey Skyvi”) and it is ready to listen to your commands. It is simple and professional. It can read aloud incoming messages and has a special ” Car mode”.

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4. Voice assistant

It is a virtual assistant among Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps , having a lot of features including great language support. It almost accurately parses your speech to text. Thus making posting to Facebook, Twitter and looking up on Google or youtube that much easier.

3. Google Now

It lifts data from various Google services that you use, including Gmail, Calendars, Maps, Search, YouTube etc. and provides information that it thinks you need. It has been often compared to Siri and Cortana and always does good. No clever replies but it gets you everything you need.

2.  AIVC ( Artificial Intelligent Voice Control)

You can ask questions, get clever answers, do some chit chat and much more. It is highly intelligent and this ranks it higher than the others.

1. Siri

Siri is a huge leap forward over old-fashioned speech recognition softwares. It’s tied into Messages, Calendar, Music, Reminders, Maps, Mail, Weather, Stocks, Clock, Contacts, Notes and Safari. It’s also linked to Wolfram Alpha as well as yelp. It gives some of the funniest and best replies to complex questions.

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