10 Best Technologies 2024 That Will Change the World

10 Best Technologies 2024 That Will Change the World

Technology never stands still. It always changes, adapts and renews itself. The advancement of technology, in fact, is measured by how quickly existing trends change. Oftentimes, things that were considered impossible even a few years back, start to take shape and turn into a reality. Take wearable computers for instance. Such gadgets were once considered impossible. But they are now pretty much poised to emerge as the next big mainstream technology device. Even Occult Rift—a pathbreaking augmentative and virtual reality device—is literal now. It doesn’t take much time for existing technology to transcend to the next level. So what could be the best technologies 2024 that could transform our lives? Let’s find out.

10 Best Technologies 2024 That Will Change The World

Best Technologies 2017


Here they are. Some may appear highly improbable, but trust at least some of them to surprise you next year.

10. Jetpacks

Futuristic Jetpacks are the best upcoming technology in 2017


Also known as rocket packs or rocket belts, jetpacks are gas filled devices that propel a person into the air. The stuff of James Bonds films, especially Thunderball (1965), Jet Pack International has already made great strides with the H202-Z and H202 jetpacks. These hydrogen peroxide fuelled gadgets allow users to fly up to a maximum height of 250 feet at 77mph. The H202-Z, as of now, has a flight duration of only 33 seconds and can travel maximum 3,300 feet. It’s a start, but jetpacks have huge potential. Much depends on how compact and controllable these devices are. Both the H202 and H202-Z are actually available, though not commercially. You can assemble one yourself if you have $100,000 tucked in somewhere.

9. Aero-X

Aero X Is one of the best innovations of 2017

Star Wars fans will recognize the Aero-X instantly. It’s the real-life version of the popular Star Wars speeder bike and one of the eagerly awaited best technologies 2017. It’s the result of over 15 years of research. The Aero-Xcan from Aerofex, is powered by a 240hp water-cooled engine with two large rotors. It can hover at a height of around 12 feet and reach top speed of 45mph, with 310lbs maximum carrying capacity. The product is available on pre-order at a $5,000 refundable deposit. The final unit is likely to be available from mid-2017 at an introductory price of $85,000.

8. Touch Responsive Prosthetics

Touch Responsive Prosthetic is the futuristic technology of 2017

Talk of upcoming technologies in 2017 and prosthetics with a sense of touch could be a reality. In March 2013, scientists fitted artificial prosthetics to Denis Aabo Sorensen of Aalborg, Denmark, who had lost his left arm in a fireworks mishap. Unlike conventional prosthetics, this one was connected to the nerves of Sorensen’s upper arm. The “hand” had a sense of touch and could be actually controlled. Blindfolded tests revealed that Sorensen could identify items like a bottle, spoon, a baseball, and similar things with the prosthetics. But the device has implanted electrodes and needs a computer connection. The first production version may be ready by late 2017. A giant leap in medical technology.


Talos suit is the best upcoming technology of 2017

The US army is working on the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) which may be ready by late next year. It provides fire, shock, and ballistic protection for the Special Operations soldiers. It’s a collaborative project between the government, universities, corporations, and security agencies. It’s one of the 2017 best technologies and the working prototype is likely to be ready by August 2018. Don’t expect the suit to be available publicly. But there’s every possibility that the technology could be copied or adapted for a lighter civilian use.

6. Titan Arm

Titan Arm is one of the best innovations of 2017

Its strength boosting upper-body exoskeleton is being developed at the University of Pennsylvania that’ll help lift an extra 40lbs. It’s a much humble version of the Powerloader you love to see in alien films and has the potential to emerge as one of the best technologies 2017. The gadget has been designed to help people suffering from serious arm injuries, like paralysis from strokes, to add some extra protection and strength while lifting a heavy object. Titan Arm uses 3D printing techniques to keep research and development expenses down to £1200. The prosthetic hand is among the best electronics 2017 gadgets to look out for.

5. Super Maglev Train

Maglev is one of the best upcoming technologies of 2017

Technologically advanced countries like Japan and China are experimenting with the next level of train transportation beyond the maglev technology. Both these countries have maglev trains than can breach 260mph. The super-maglev technology would be much faster and will encompass the entire train in a vacuum, to reduce air resistance and allow speeds of up to 1800mph. There are, of course, doubts about the feasibility of such trains and whether at all it’ll be a mainstream technology. If project expenses can be kept low, the state-of-the-art mass rapid transport system will help cover large distances within the shortest possible time.

4. Cave2

Cave 2 is one of the best futuristic technologies 

It’s a hybrid reality environment that allows scientists, engineers, researchers, and artists to be fully immersed in their work. Cave2 is a 360-degree wraparound setup comprising 72 LCD panels, a 100 camera motion tracking optical system, and a 20-speaker surround audio system. Wearing 3D glasses, engineers and scientists would virtually be able to move through anything of their choice. All the components are consumer electronics devices and involve the latest computer technology. Cave2 is among the best technologies 2017 and slated for a wider use soon. It has immense potential for situations that involve visualization of an enormous volume of data.

3.  3D Printed Food

3D printed food is one of the best futuristic technology

3D technology is already a rage and it’s not merely restricted to gadgets. Food can be easily 3D printed. Researchers at German firm Biozoon have used the technology to create a 3D printable powder mixture range, called senseoPro, which solidifies after it’s printed and also melts quickly when eaten. Certainly among the best technologies 2017, to be more widely used in 2018, 3D printed food would come to the help of elderly people affected with dysphagia or difficulty to swallow. The technology would reduce risks of choking and family members can easily mix and match 3D powders to create various types of food.

2. Fast Recharging Battery

Fast Charging if one of the best innovative technologies of 2017

StoreDot, a leading nanotechnology company from Israel, recently introduced a next-generation battery which has bioorganic “nanodots” for increased electrolyte performance and electrode capacitance. Well, the science here is a bit complex, though the outcome is pretty simple. The battery can be charged in 30 seconds flat, courtesy these nanodots.  Being bioorganic, these nanodots are eco-friendly, power efficient, and are apparently inexpensive to manufacture. Involving energy saving tricks, they are by far the best technologies 2017 expected to be widely used in 2018.

1. High Power Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is one of the best futuristic innovation of 2017 

Till date, wireless charging still means powering a device on a pad, rather than through cables or wires. But ask the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology research team and wireless charging could be the next big thing. A magnetic field, powerful enough to charge almost 40 mobile phones, can be fitted with a dipole coil resonance system to wirelessly charge devices less than 15 feet away, and maybe even larger gadgets like a TV.

Honestly, there’s no end to technological possibilities. Stuff seen in sci-fi novels and films has already made huge inroads in our daily lives. Whoever thought at the turn of the 21st century that mobile phones would become a reality one day? The same with trains running inches above the track. Technology is all about pushing barriers. Let us know about the best technologies 2024 that you think would have the greatest impact on human lives, in the comment box below.

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