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Three-Piece Cotton Bedding Kit for Baby Cribs, Including Pillowcase, Sheet, and Duvet Cover for Boys and Girls - Perfect for Nursery Decor

Three-Piece Cotton Bedding Kit for Baby Cribs, Including Pillowcase, Sheet, and Duvet Cover for Boys and Girls - Perfect for Nursery Decor

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This charming 3-piece baby crib bedding set is crafted from soft, breathable cotton, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment for your little one. Ideal for both boys and girls, the set includes a pillowcase, a bed sheet, and a duvet cover, each designed to provide ultimate comfort and safety. The dimensions are tailored to fit standard cribs, making setup quick and easy.

Featuring delightful patterns that will brighten any nursery, this set not only offers functionality but also serves as a chic addition to your child's room decor. The high-quality fabric withstands frequent washing, retaining its softness and color, ensuring long-lasting use.

Whether you're preparing a cozy nest for your newborn or looking for a thoughtful baby shower gift, this crib bedding set blends practicality with style, creating a warm, inviting space for sleep and play.




30x50 cm

Duvet Cover

100x120 cm

Bed Sheet

100x150 cm

Mattress Cover

130x70x8 cm (Default Size)


Benefits Of The Product

Comfort and Safety

Made from 100% cotton, the bedding set is soft against delicate baby skin, minimizing the risk of irritations or allergies. The breathable fabric ensures your baby stays comfortable throughout the night.

Durable and Easy to Care For

Cotton is known for its durability and ease of maintenance. This bedding set can withstand frequent washes without losing its softness or vibrant colors, making it practical for everyday use.

Versatile Design

With its gender-neutral patterns and colors, this bedding set is perfect for any baby’s room, whether you are decorating for a boy or a girl. It easily integrates with various nursery themes and decors.

All-Inclusive Set

The set includes a pillowcase, a sheet, and a duvet cover, which are essential for a fully equipped crib. This provides convenience by eliminating the need to purchase each piece separately.

Room Decoration

Beyond functionality, the stylish designs of the bedding set contribute to the overall aesthetic of the nursery, adding charm and warmth to the space.

Perfect Gift Option

With its attractive packaging and comprehensive inclusion of essential bedding, this set makes a wonderful gift for baby showers or for parents preparing for their newborn’s arrival.

Why Choose This Product?

High-Quality Material

The set is made from 100% pure cotton, which is not only soft and gentle on your baby’s skin but also hypoallergenic. This material choice ensures your baby enjoys a comfortable, irritation-free sleep environment, crucial for their health and well-being.

Complete Bedding Solution

This set includes all the essentials needed for a crib: a pillowcase, a sheet, and a duvet cover. This comprehensive package makes it easy for parents to coordinate and ensures they don’t have to shop for individual pieces separately, saving time and effort.

Aesthetic Appeal

With its stylish and adorable designs, this bedding set not only serves its functional purpose but also enhances the visual appeal of your baby’s nursery. It adds a touch of elegance and charm, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in the room.


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