Worst cricket injuries in the world that ended careers

Worst cricket injuries in the world that ended careers

Man being a temporal creature of God is no exception from the wreck of time in what so ever field of life. Though sportspersons being somehow superior in immunity to these disorders courtesy their well-groomed levels of stamina, are not totally spared from falling. Sports and athletics indeed help players build a great resistance against the physical breakouts however sometimes these activities itself prove to be fatal. Cricket although a sport being played with the most advanced levels of techniques used to prevent a physical injury has its downfall as well. These pitfalls that ultimately ruin the humorous nature of a sport often come up in shape of the worst cricket injuries.

Although modern day cricket players are much more than just cricketers, they are in fact pure athletes as well but still the risk of getting themselves seriously injured is always there. In recent years the world has witnessed some of the most fatal and worst cricket injuries that ruined players’ careers and in some cases proved costly to their lives. Some of the most tragic and worst cricket injures in the world that ended players’ careers can be summed up under the following paras.

Top 05 Worst Cricket Injuries in The World That Ended Brilliant Careers

Shane Bond

If you haven’t been a cricket loather lately, you probably watched the ever green Kiwi bowler catching pace in the first ever edition of Masters Champions League. And like every other cricket lover most probably you would have wondered why he hung up his boots so early. Well truth be told, injuries never let Shane Bond showcase the abilities he was gifted with. One of the fastest bowlers in the world of his era was forced to announce his retirement at the age of 35 following a number of worst cricket injuries.

Mark Boucher 

The South African wicket keeper batsman Mark Boucher was the member of a few elite class players in the world enriched with both perfect batting and keeping skills. After getting hit in the eye by a stump bail during a practice game in England, Boucher was forced to sacrifice his cricketing career. He retired in 2012 with 999 dismissals on his name behind the stumps.

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Andrew Flintoff

One of the most complete all-rounder England ever had, Andrew Flintoff was a match winner player in both Test and ODI formats. He represented England in 79 test games apart from being the skipper of the side for quite a few times. Following the worst cricket injuries of ankle and knee Andrew Flintoff was forced to retire from all forms of cricket at the age of just 32.

Craig Kieswetter

The young English wicket keeping batsman would have been a great cricketing sensation especially in T20 format had he not got injured. The unfortunate hard hitter got retired at the peak age of 27 years form all forms of cricket following one of the worst cricket injuries. Kieswetter’s career was ended by a severe eye injury which made him realized that he would not be able to be the same as before the injury.

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Phil Hughes

Many cricketers have lost their lives following some of the worst cricket injuries however none of them was as much significant as Phil Hughes. The youngest Australian batsman to score a century in both innings of a test match lost his life during the match between South Australia and New South Wales in 2014. Batting at 63 Phil was hit on neck by a bouncer of Sean Abbot while trying to pull it. Two days later the tragic news of his death came out leaving the whole cricket world in shock.

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