Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially

Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially

Failure and success are some of the vibrant flavors of life. No has truly succeeded unless he failed. Some say that failure is not a downfall… it is a step towards the success. Well, you will be glad to hear that you are not alone. Everyone fails at least once…even our favorite celebs, athletes, authors and musicians. Here is some motivational boost for you if you are going through a life crisis. Here we present you Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially. Go through it and it is promised that you will feel better and motivated in the end. Enjoy reading!

Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially
JK Rowling

Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially

10. Colonel Sanders: KFC Food Chain

How many days a week do you visit KFC? Well, you will be disheartened to know that when initially Colonel Sanders pitched in the recipe idea for the Kentucky fried chicken, he was turned down. He had to change almost 20 jobs in search of the perfect livelihood. Sanders discovered a quick and tasty way to cook chicken in very less time and believed that these will be bigger than just a personal favorite. He failed multiple times but needless to say, you already know the ending to this story.

9. Jim Carey

The award winning actor for his fabulous comic roles and the portrayal of each in a marvelous way. At number 9 of Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially, we have one of the best comedians in movie industry. He used to practice his facial expressions in front of the mirror and people thought he was a crazy person. He was even booed off the stage at his first stand up . Jim Carey’s films (earlier in his career) were highly underrated. Even though Films like ‘The Cable Guy’ are the ones people have not even heard of. Still he finally gained fame from his hit franchise, Ace Ventura. And he still is a favorite of more than millions.

8. Peter Dinklage

At number 8 of Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially, we have Peter Dinklage, the sharp-tongued descendant of Lannisters, has been a major figure in the galactic maze of celebrities. But the struggle to reach there is no less of an amazing story itself. Born in a world where dwarfism is still perceived as a shortcoming, he forged his way through, with humble beginning in the movies like Living in Oblivion (1995), he finally got a substantial break in The Station Agent (2003). Later, in 2011, he got the primary role of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, and the rest is history.

7. Michael Jordan–gQ2AvJY

 The world famous athlete, Michael Jordan too failed initially in his life. Right now he owns the most expensive sports shoe range, which is the Air Jordan’s. These are probably the best shoes in the whole world. He is one of the best athletes this world has ever seen. But it was heartbreaking to know that he was thrown out of his high school team and was not allowed to play. He didn’t take it as a hurdle and continued his journey. And look how far he has come!

6. Ludwig Van Beethoven

At number 6 of Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially, we have Beethoven. He was there throughout the transition period of classical music. In fact it was him, who brought out the change. With his amazing tunes and compositions, he has won million hearts but needless we say the beginning was not a bed of roses. He had his fair share of struggle to reach where he is. Later in life, he lost his sight and continued to make music regardless of it.

5. Albert Einstein

The smartest man, this world has ever seen…at number 5 of Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially, we have Einstein. His groundbreaking equation is the reason why we have been able to advance so much. As a kid he use to play the violin and was beaten up because of the noise he made. Also he was not at all good at studies. Especially with subjects like history and languages. Like all weak kids, he was made fun of. But he continued his journey anyway.

4. Bill Gates

At number 4 of Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially, we have the multimillionaire Bill gates. He failed his tests while his classmates celebrated their success. Now years later… He is the boss and employs thousands of such people daily. He is owner of the biggest software company in the whole world. He is the living example of the phrase ‘be careful who you bully in high school’.

3. Oprah Winfrey

‘’not suitable for television’’ is what she was called when she was fired from her job. At number 3 of Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially, we have Oprah. Oprah changed the way people watch television. She is a worldwide phenomenal person. Not only is she a talk show host but she is so much loved by people worldwide that it is indescribable. She is, with no doubt one of the best things that have happened to Hollywood.

2. J.K Rowling

The person who introduced us to the world of magic, sorcery and witchcraft, at number 2 of Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially, we have J.K Rowling. Her books are the first books a child reads. Harry potter is one of the best movie franchise ever created and it was created from her imagination. It is a pity to know that the script of harry potter was rejected over 10 times from different publishers. Her creativity and imagination is impeccable and we can view the proof of her success today in the 8 movies and counting.

1. Walt Disney

Walt Disney is the name we all know and will forever remember.  He was asked to leave a local job for having no creative imagination at all. How big of an irony is that? The man who created Disney, all from his imagination and nothing more is still one of the best inspirations among Top 10 Successful People Who Failed Initially. He believed that ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’ and proved himself right when he made his dreams come true.

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