Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

Who would have expected the things we’ve been watching in our favorite Sci-Fi movies and fantasizing about the whole day? We can actually get them in real life now, Yeah that’s technology for you! Here we write about the Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets.

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Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

10. The Star Trek Replicator

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

Who doesn’t remember the magical cloning device that could recreate things straight out of thin air? , yes it’s actually possible now except they are known as 3D Printers! These printers can recreate anything prosthetic arms and legs, real world cars and what not! Quite literally the only limit would be our imagination.

9. The Star Trek Virtual Display Device
virtual display

Though not real close but we have something that can replace the famous Star Trek Virtual Display Device in real life YES! It’s known as the Google Glass, though the company only released their prototypes still it does the basic job to be on spot 9 of our list.

8. Ender’s Game Antigravity Battle Room

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

Yes you read that right, this one’s real too! It’s known as Indoor Skydiving. Simple as basic skydiving but indoor and it gives that real world pleasure of floating in mid air just as the anti gravity battle room.


7. Star Wars Speeder Bike

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets
speed bike

Known as Hover Bike in real world, these pieces of beauties are scheduled to be launched in 2017, the only thing we got is the prototype. You can look out for them in the you tube.

6. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Pneumatic Tube

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets
pneumatic tube

Elevators that sucks you up? Why not! We got the vacuum elevators and yes these Fly! Recreating the awesome memories of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in an amazingly awesome way!

5. From the Earth to the Moon Splashdown Capsules

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

Lunar Module to be exact, these babies were created to crawl upon moon and stay there while the astronauts do their job.


4. Looking Backward Credit Cards

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets
credit cards

Well imagine you life without credit cards yep that’s horrifying nobody wants to go there. The first idea that really connected links to the real world ATM‘s were the looking backward credit cards.

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey Phone Booth

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets
phone booth

No explanation needed here we all know what is it right? , still take a guess if you are wrong then the correct answer would be Video Calls.

2. The Jetsons Food Machine

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets
food machine

The real world incarnation is not exactly a gadget but we all love food. And the awesome facility of getting food anytime anywhere! That’s what I call heaven. Yes we are talking about online food hubs here! Those are a treat! LITERALLY


1. Iron Man Armor – Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS)

Top 10 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

Admit it Folks we have imagined ourselves in this suit at some point or the other, though there are only Prototypes now but the real thing will come out pretty soon anyway but we can’t have it! It’s for the military personals; anyways going further these TALOS can wave of bullets and give situation awareness. But can it fly? The answer would be a no, but then not yet, In the future? Why not.

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