Top 10 High Tech Nature Inspired Gadgets

Top 10 High Tech Nature Inspired Gadgets

There is a reason why nature is called Mother Nature. The scientists will show you why. Here we present you the Top 10 High Tech Nature Inspired Gadgets.


Top 10 High Tech Nature Inspired Gadgets

10. Help From The Bees

Yeah why not, the flying skills they have are getting very useful on future Drone designing. Scientist have been taking notes on how the bee’s fly without hitting every obstacle on their way and implement it to flying drones making it much more stronger and smarter.

9. Clothing To Help You Lose Weight

This tech takes its inspiration from thin ice. These smart clothing are known as ice vest. But still thin ice is more high tech from what the scientists have invented in all these years.

8. A Robot With Human Fingers

Obviously this piece of technology is derived from the mechanism of how our hands work. This kind of thing is not a hundred percent new but the U.S Army has tried to make it more practical by making it do anything that a human hand can do. Yes Anything.

7. A Drone That Can Show You How It Is To Fly

This particular drone makes a user able to feel and see how it is like to fly in real time by giving the user a first person view of the sky while it flies. Well inspiration from? , well you got that right superman! No we were kidding it’s the bird.

6. The “Sikinterface” Smart Watch

What does it do? Uses your skin to control the action or the function of the smart watch. Maybe a tap on your wrist to dial a call? Or a little swipe on your palms to control a game. Sounds cool!

5. Cockroaches Helping Human Beings

Dogs troubling you? Or maybe a group of mosquitoes, Umm let’s say you just want to punish someone. Guess what Cockroaches at your rescue. Scientists at UC Berkeley have taught their so called “VelociRoACHes” To help. Regardless of their size they can do much more when they are in a group. Voila! Who would have thought that, Creepy but interesting.

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4. Sensorwake

Ah this one is a miracle; well basically it’s an alarm clock. Yes alarm clock modified to its limits, let’s just say you don’t want to wake up but then the smell of coffee reaches your nose and it pushes you out of bed just to taste it well that’s what it does. Not only coffee but it can copy the scent of money or mint and make them reach to you sensory brain nerves! Inspired from the greedy human characteristics.

3. Panaroma Photo Shoot

An owl has the ability to produce a 360 degree view thoughts its eyes and see the whole thing as one. That’s where the panorama feature came from!

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2. The Submarine

Direct Inspiration from the fishes! Well what more could we tell you anyway?

1. Structure Of Human Cells

Not exactly a gadget but an idea to construct anything and everything, anything that involves building blocks or building fragments, the whole idea was itself inspired from the construction and arrangement of human cells.

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