How To Get Newborn To Sleep In Bassinet

How To Get Newborn To Sleep In Bassinet

As a new parent, one of the biggest challenges you might face is getting your newborn to sleep peacefully in their bassinet. While it can be a struggle, there are several strategies you can try to help your little one rest comfortably.

How To Get Newborns To Sleep On Bassinet? Easy Ways.

1. Establish A Bedtime Routine

Creating a consistent bedtime routine is crucial. Babies thrive on routine, so try to establish a calming sequence of events before bedtime. This could include a warm bath, gentle rocking, and a lullaby. You can also introduce a comfortable bassinet eate a familiar sleeping environment.

2. Make the Bassinet Comfortable

Ensure that the bassinet is as comfortable as possible. A firm mattress is important for safety, but you can add a soft fitted sheet. Consider using a bassinet with a breathable mattress to enhance comfort. Keep the bassinet free from toys and loose bedding to avoid any risks.

3. Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling can make your newborn feel secure and mimic the feeling of being in the womb. Use a breathable swaddle blanket and ensure it's not too tight. Check out our premium swaddle blankets for a safe and cozy option.

4. Use White Noise

White noise can help to drown out other sounds and create a womb-like environment. There are many white noise machines available, or you can use a white noise app on your phone. Pair this with a white noise machine designed specifically for infants.

5. Create a Dark Environment

Newborns sleep better in a dark environment. Use blackout curtains to keep the room dark during nap times and bedtime. A bassinet with a canopy can also help to shield your baby from light and distractions.

6. Keep the Room At A Comfortable Temperature

Maintaining the right room temperature is key to ensuring your baby sleeps well. The ideal temperature is between 68-72°F (20-22°C). Use a room thermometer to monitor the temperature and consider a temperature-regulating bassinet to keep your baby comfortable.

7. Feed Your Baby Before Bedtime

A full stomach can help your baby sleep longer. Ensure you feed your baby right before bedtime. However, avoid overfeeding as this can cause discomfort. Using a feeding-friendly bassinet can make the feeding process easier for both you and your baby.

8. Be Patient And Consistent

Remember, every baby is different, and it may take some time to find out what works best for your little one. Be patient and consistent with your efforts, and eventually, your baby will get used to sleeping in their bassinet.

By following these tips, you'll create a safe and comfortable environment that can help your newborn sleep peacefully in their bassinet. For more baby care products and tips, visit our bassinet collection.

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